My name is Esteban, I am an assistant professor at the School of Technology and Innovations, Computer Science, University of Vaasa in Finland, and my research interests are framed on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) field. I have worked most of my academic career in multidisciplinary projects designing, tailoring and using AI; I formalize (e.g. propositions, theorems, etc.) the research problem, and then I build software to test those hypotheses.

My goal: enjoy writing theoretical papers, and designing/testing software related.

When there is time and weather conditions, I like cycling and X-country skiing. I am from Colombia, and I am back and forth between Finland and Sweden.

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the human side of AI, I have experience with

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    • Esteban Guerrero, Nannan Xi, Tero Vartiainen, Panu Kalmi. Eristic dialogues in persuasive gamified systems. The 17th ARGDIAP conference, Reasoned Argumentation. Legal, Computational and Linguistic Perspectives.

    • Esteban Guerrero, Helena Lindgren. Typologies of persuasive strategies and content: a formalization using argumentation. 19th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems. Salamanca (Spain) | 6th-8th October, 2021 | PAAMS. 2021.

    • Esteban Guerrero. Causal interventions and argumentation-based frameworks: formalization of "what if" scenarios. Workshop on Decision Support, Recommendation, and Persuasion in Artificial Intelligence (DeRePAI), in the 19th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems. Salamanca (Spain). PAAMS. 2021. (pre-proceedings draft here) (slides)

    • Tania Bailoni, Mauro Dragoni, Esteban Guerrero, Helena Lindgren and Jean-Claude Martin. Ontological Modeling of Enablers and Barriers to Behavior Change in Personal Health Knowledge Graphs. The personal health knowledge graph (PHKG) workshop co-located with the 2021 Knowledge Graph Conference. (pre-proceedings draft here)

    • Guerrero, Esteban; Lindgren, Helena. Towards motivation-driven intelligent interfaces: formal argumentation meets activity theory. The 33rd the Swedish Artificial Intelligence Society (SAIS) Workshop: SAIS 2021. (2021) (Slides)

    • Guerrero, Esteban; Santosa, Ailiana; Lindgren, Helena. Causal interventions with formal argumentation theory. International Workshop on Logical Aspects in Multi-Agent Systems and Strategic Reasoning, LAMAS-SR. (Satellite Workshop of AAMAS 2021). (2021). (paper here) (presentation here)

    • Ng, Nawi; Eriksson, Malin; Guerrero, Esteban; et al. Sustainable behaviour change for health supported by person-Tailored, Adaptive, Risk-aware digital Coaching in a social context: Study protocol for the STAR-C research programme. Frontiers In Public Health , Frontiers Media SA 2021, Vol. 9. (2021) (paper here)

Current project

Digiconsumers (2021-2022) at University of Vaasa, Finland Web portal
"DigiConsumers - Improving young people's financial skills in a digitalised consumer society"

Work package 4: Game-based approaches and digital tools in financial education
My role: researcher using gamification mechanisms using artificial intelligence for guiding young people in financial decisions.

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