Academic background

Scientific qualifications and degrees

  • Ph.D. in Computing Science. Umeå University. Sweden. 2012-2016. Title: Representing and reasoning about complex human activities. Advisor: Helena Lindgren, Juan Carlos Nieves.

  • Lic. in Computing Science. Umeå University. Sweden 2014. Title: Supporting human activity performance using argumentation-based technology. Advisor: Helena Lindgren, Juan Carlos Nieves.

  • M.Sc. Master’s degree in Computer Science. Malmö University. Sweden. Master thesis: Improved Selection Support of Transport Services in Intermodal Transportation. Relevant topics: Reputation and QoS parameters in transportation. Advisor: Jan Persson.

  • M.Sc. Master’s studies in Telematics Engineering. University of Cauca. Colombia. Master thesis: Web service recovery based on discovery process personalization. Paper: “Web service retrieval based on non-functional properties” Tecnura Journal. Vol 16 (33): 100-116. 2012. Advisor: Juan Carlos Corrales.

  • B.Eng. Bachelor degree in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering. Universidad del Cauca. Colombia. Thesis: TCP packaging compression for mobile networks. Topics: telecommunications, TCP protocol, compression, mobile networks. Advisor: Javier Hurtado.

Courses and certificates

  • Educational Philosophy and Ethics (link), Oulu University, Finland.

  • Data Science, Johns Hopkins University. Coursera specialization. Courses: Data Scientist’s Toolbox, R Programming. Certification 1, certification 2.

  • Learning in Higher Education, Centre for Educational Development. Umeå University, Sweden.

  • Inclusive Teaching: Supporting All Students in the College Classroom. Columbia University certification 2

  • Leaders of Learning. Harvard University.

  • Basic course in higher education pedagogy. Umeå University, Sweden